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The CEE4Impact Day

Our seventh annual conference takes place on the 14th of October 2022! This year we focus not only on the Hungarian, but also the regional, the CEE and V4 ecosystem of impact investing. We will discuss the hot topics and trends of impact investing with internationally renowned speakers from the CEE/V4 region and we will try to explore where the gaps need to be filled and in what manner.

Agenda topics:
– What impact investing can do and cannot do in the CEE/V4 region
– Relationship between ESG and Impact Investing – similarities, connections, dissimilarities and challenges
– Rebuilding and recovering – relation between impact investing
– What are the consequences of the present geo-political situation on the energy and food-supply sector? How can we have energy and food in a secure, independent, affordable and impactful way?
– How can we reach impact in the energy sector?

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Fundraising for UWH’s social innovation camp for youth

Invitation at UWH’s innovation camp is offered to the teams that delivered the most innovative ideas in our InnoMate program among all participants from 5 high-schools and one afternoon school for children with special needs. Participants are selected through a competition for this 3-day camp, organized at Budapest: - to improve their innovative ideas with the help of mentors - to help further develop an already existing social innovation project of a disadvantaged community into a sustainable and growing project with the objective of food equity. - to attend inspirational presentations and engage in innovative community projects of social entrepreneurship - being part of the camp is free for the selected teams of students and their teachers, including full cost of travel, accommodation, catering.

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Miló Viktória


Barabás Éva


Dr. Csisztu Zsuzsa

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Németh Kristóf

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Hollósi Jázmin


Illés Fanni


Harsány Levente


Tápai Szabina

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Csonka András

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Péter Szabó Szilvia

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Bálint Antónia


Irigy Hónaljmirigy

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