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Real solutions for a sustainable and responsible future. Your stakeholders are increasingly informing their decisions based on your environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials. Consumers are choosing brands for their ethical behaviour and their record on climate change. Investors are favouring businesses with robust ESG frameworks. And governments are implementing regulations requiring organisations to increase transparency in areas such as diversity, equal pay, carbon emissions and modern slavery. That makes your ESG efforts crucial to long-term value creation and growth. Learn more about our commitment in ESG.

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Donating to the following good cause is possible with money or without money via the Sharity app or by using the link below.

Please follow these steps:

1. Click the “DONATE” button below the description of the charity campaign and it navigates you directly to the page of the chosen campaign

2. Click on the “támogatom pénzzel” (donate with money) or “támogatom pénz nélkül” (donate without money) button and follow instructions

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#UnitedforUkraine- emergency fund to help refugee children and their families in Hungary

United Way Hungary considers the mitigation of the humanitarian disaster situation caused by the war conflict in Ukraine to be of utmost importance to the humanitarian disaster caused by the Ukraine conflict. To help all those who left Ukraine to seek refuge in our country after fleeing the war, United Way Hungary has set up an emergency fund. The purpose of this fund is to raise funds and provide quick and effective assistance to meet the basic needs of adults and children fleeing Ukraine to Hungary. In the “United for Ukraine” program we provide financial and professional support to nearly 30 NGOs for projects that improve the well-being of refugee families, children and young people, and keep easing their situation in mind. The program will cover the whole territory of Hungary, reaching big cities as well as small towns and villages. In addition to financial and professional support, there is regular cooperation with the 30 NGOs supported. We are helping the current situation of hundreds of families and children through value-added initiatives. What kind of projects do we support? Access to and participation in education for refugee children and young people. Initiatives for the self-sustainment of refugees. Access to adequate healthcare and disease prevention activities.

What is Sharity?

A (worldwide)unique charity & online impact marketing app where – beside donating money with your money – you can also donate money when you do not have financial resources.
How can you donate money without your money?  You simply download the Sharity app, select the good cause you like to help and opt to watch a (max. 30 secs)video there. Watching the videos in the Sharity app will automatically generate monetary revenues to the organisations that represent your chosen good causes to support. You are simply using your time to support good causes. On top of providing a great feeling of donating for good causes, the Sharity app also rewards your willingness to help with many prizes and discount coupons.


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Download the Sharity app!

Download the Sharity app!

Full charity donations from the advertisers go to the charity organisations representing the good causes you chose to support by watching the ads/videos. Therefore, in this way, real money goes to the good causes without money spent by the users, video watchers.